Monday, July 27, 2009

Criticizing the World Cup is akin to farting in a cathedral but the 2010 volunteer programme shamelessly plays on the feel good factor.

BULLARD: When we first heard we had got the 2010 World Cup there was much excitement and the business media quickly started to work out what it would mean for us in infrastructural spending. I think it's fair to say that without the World Cup certain sectors of our economy would be much worse off than they are. However, that doesn't get away from the fact that there is a global recession and that people in this country are desperately looking for jobs, even temporary ones. There are 15000 people out there with the necessary skills who really need the money Mr Blatter. Probably more than you do.

SHOOT: He makes an excellent point. Why are 150 000 protesting higher pay, when 15 000 volunteers [work for free people] are needed? I'll tell you why? Because a few fat cats pocket the loot, and those who need it are expected to work for free.

BULLARD: To ask for 15000 volunteers in these economic conditions is a disgrace......
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So much for the FIFA World Cup creating jobs. I read a newspaper report earlier this week saying that the Local Organising Committee (LOC) were looking for fifteen thousand volunteers to help with such tasks as ushering people to their seats, welcoming people at the airport, driving guests around and assisting the media and foreign language speakers. Volunteers are also needed in such areas as accreditation, computer, logistics, hospitality and management; all jobs requiring specialized skills.
I can't help thinking that it's rather strange that the head honchos organizing this event will be making enough money out of it to last them for several lifetimes. Indeed, if memory serves, enormous amounts of money have already been paid out to the lucky few. So what's all this about your country needing you to work for free?
Of course, I realise that criticizing the World Cup is akin to farting in a cathedral.
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