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BEWARE: Facebook boyfriend stabs model girlfriend - Judge says: You are an evil man with nothing to commend you

“For the past seven months Ric’s been hitting me, locking me in rooms with him so I can’t get out. Putting knives to my throat telling me he’s going to kill me, putting pillows over my face, covering my nose and mouth with his hands and just staring at me while I’m struggling to breathe. Says if I leave him he’ll kill me and himself. He proposes to me and tries to get me to have a baby with him. He tells me if I go out with friends I’ll get raped.”

The tape begins with piercing screams and cries from Amy, before she says "I've been stabbed".

Operator: "Emergency, which service do you require?"

Loud screaming is followed by Amy saying: "I can't breathe! I've been stabbed! Please help me! Please help me!"

Operator: "She says she's been stabbed."

Amy: "I've been stabbed. I'm dying. Please help me!"

Operator: "Where are you?"

Amy Leigh Barnes

The 19-year-old was a model

Amy: "26, Moss Street, Farnworth."

Operator: "What?"

Amy: "Moss Street, Farnworth."

Operator: "What's happened?"

Amy: "I'm dying! He's stabbed me to death. I'm dying! Please help me!"

Operator: "Who?"

Amy: "My boyfriend...I'm going...I can't see."

Operator: "Where are you stabbed love?"

Amy: "All over my body. I need help. Please help me."

As the life drains out of her, the victim's speech became more and more slurred and she appears to lose consciousness.

The phone line stayed open with the handset at the side of her body.

Over the chatter of the phone operators sending police and ambulance services to the address Amy can be heard groaning and whimpering.

Her audible breathing becomes laboured and the silence grows between each sob.

The operator tells Amy to take gentle breaths and tries to keep her conscious by asking her to speak her name and reassuring her emergency services are on the way - but there is no response.

In the background during the 999 call her mother, Mrs Killiner, can be heard leaving two phone messages on the house phone.

Both starting with the words "Hiya love!" and ask her daughter to ring her urgently.

Andrew Barnes, her father, who had been summoned to the house by her worried family, then arrives to find his daughter on the floor in a pool of blood.

With the phone line still open he is heard to say: "Amy! Amy! Amy! What's happened Amy? Are you all right? Amy what have you done?"

Mr Barnes then speaks to the police call handler: "I need an ambulance. She's bleeding There's blood everywhere. Amy, are you OK?

Melda Wilks

Wilks accused of destroying evidence

"She's 19. She's bleeding very badly. Amy! She's not acknowledging anything. She's breathing, yes."

Miss Barnes was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment but was pronounced dead two-and-a-half hours later.

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The judge told him: “You are an evil man with nothing to commend you and have a history of abusing and assaulting women. You controlled Amy for months and subjected her to a campaign of prolonged physical emotional and psychological abuse.

“No one who ever listened to that 999 call will ever be able to forget it or forget the wickedness of your attack. You slashed open her pretty face – what went through her mind was unimaginable. When I first read the impact statement of Amy’s mother I found tears welling up in me. You are dangerous beyond words.”

The court heard how Amy, of Bolton, Greater Manchester, also a magazine model, began a seven-month relationship with Morrison after meeting him through Facebook.

Her relationship with Morrison suffered from his violent jealousy and his bullying prompted her to leave heartrending texts to friends.

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