Monday, July 27, 2009

2009: Michael Jackson and Swine Flu - the year of believing whatever you want

If you think that is all puzzling, then consider the various statements on swine flu. Most worryingly of all was the news that up to 10,000 graves are being held in reserve in and around Belfast in case of mass deaths from the infection this winter.

If that doesn’t make you feel bad then nothing will. Do the authorities really expect mass deaths or are these graves just land that was purchased to provide burial ground for the normal run of deaths.

Yet, because of all the conflicting suggestions — pregnant women shouldn’t go to areas where lots of people congregate and should avoid public transport was the advice one moment. The next, was that it was perfectly safe for pregnant women to go to work on the bus.

A week ago it was even being suggested that women should avoid becoming pregnant until after the swine flu pandemic had been brought under control. Not tonight dear, think of the swine flu, could become the new headache.

Just like with Michael Jackson, you can choose to believe what you want.

SHOOT: You believe whatever you want because the media contradicts itself and can no longer be relied on for news [you know, the public service of reporting on the nature of events]. No wonder we're in trouble.

It is difficult to know which is the more baffling — the continuing investigations into Michael Jackson’s death or what advice* to follow over swine flu.

There used to be a fine old tradition that one did not speak ill of the dead. Whatever their foibles, frailties or failings in life, they, like a credit union debt, died along with the person in question.

But that does not apply to the likes of Wacko Jacko, as the tabloids loved to call him with all its attendant implications.

One Sunday newspaper yesterday claimed that Michael’s nose had dropped off leaving a hole in his face and that he had a series of false noses to wear when he went out. The proof for this was a photograph of Michael with a white mask covering all of face except for his eyes!

Then there is the continuing speculation over what medication he was on when he died and whether a doctor prescribed the wrong drugs for him. Police are said to be building a criminal case against Michael’s doctor, Dr Conrad Murray.

*Here's some good advice:

- get plenty of sleep

- stay away from raw/simple sugars like sodas and chocolates

- get enough Vitamin D/sunshine on skin

- handle stress

- exercise

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