Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What do you mean – ‘beauty is truth’?

Well, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So is truth. While beauty can be quite subjective, truth often is too. I mean, whose beauty? Whose truth? Most of us do after all, know the truth, and can recognise beauty once we get past our egos. When we're really called upon to open eyes, then it is easy to see the truth. The truth can be brutal and beautiful, like the deadly mountain massif in Nepal known as Annapurna.

The truth, like death, can seem bleak and unsentimental, but like death, certain and definite and powerful. Truth is vested with an existential fatalism. It is the way things are. Truth is relative, but absolute truth is absolute.

Beauty is truth when we can see and love (and understand) the inner workings behind the natural façade of things. When we see something the way it is, and accept it as perfect in and of itself, we begin to see the enormous beauty of the universe. We begin to see and love the obvious - the beauty of sunshine on water.

Do we get the truth in the newspaper, on television, at the movies? Far from it. Yet sometimes, in our fictions, in our fantasies, are kernels of wisdom. 2008's The Dark Knight probed deeply into the inner sanctums of our unstated zeitgeist. Michael Jackson's demise informs us of our magical, but self destructive and delusional (out of touch with reality) celebrity culture.

SHOOT aims to step onto that holy ground where reporters fear to tread. Often the information isn't pleasant, because it carries with it grim implications. God doesn't exist (not a personal one anyway), there is no life after death (other than through our children), and our beautiful planet is beginning to declare war on the cancer infesting it - us.

Can be become benign creatures, and give ourselves over to mutalism? Can we find a higher truth by which to live, and let others live by? This is a test we now face. Our ability to see the truth and be truthful will help us to achieve this. If we continue lying to ourselves and decieving others, we will fail.

There is also truth in beauty. When truth is beauty and beauty truth, we graduate tio a frame of mind where everything has beauty, and we come to see everything, and our selves, for what it is. The dust of stars, the fabric of the universe, all connected, all with a purpose in the clockwork of the cosmos. SHOOT aims to elevate our thinking, our consciousness so that we may see the stars through the pollution and dust, that is our own creation. Simply being able to see the beauty in things – all things, even ourselves - is a wonderful truth worth pursuing, wouldn’t you say?

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