Monday, June 29, 2009

Revisiting 'My Obituary' - written January 28 2008

SHOOT: Quite an interesting read. Probably needs updating, especially in lieu of the past few weeks, and months events. Everyone should do this.
It’s not the end of the world that I’m gone – well, it’s the end of mine. I’m not going to pretend; my life wasn’t quite what I thought was destined for me, I had expected a lot more, but it was still fun in an ironic Bart Simpson sort of way. For a good few years it was a fairy tale wasn’t it; it had all the elements too: plenty of adventure, romance, castles, wild faraway places and animals, and all the family privileges of princes and princesses. The dragon though was mysteriously absent, or so we thought.
I had high standards once upon a time, and I saw these slip starting in ’89 and ’98, despite a lot of best efforts to keep the show on the road. Instead of giving up I realized there was a level of functionality I was prepared to tolerate, even if I didn’t always accept it. Perhaps I got into the habit of making concessions.
To my family – I knew you all a great deal better than you know, and loved you all a lot more than any of you realize.
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