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The questions around Michael Jackson's life and death that no one is asking

SHOOT: In Michael's Jackson's life, he had 3 children. The one he dangled from the balcony appeared to be white. It's hard to tell because he usually covered their faces in public.

Michael has denied the following:
He denied earlier claims by his biographer Ian Halperin he was suffering from a lung disease.
The US Federal Drug Administration has previously warned of a risk of skin cancer from skin bleaching treatments.

While Jackson strongly denies ever using skin bleaching products, an eBay sale claiming to be of his belongings last year included a used tube of the cream.

Then, and this is seldom uttered in public, but it's likely that Michael Jackson was gay (specifically a gay pedophile). He was accused of molesting little boys, [see below]

For the rest of these transcripts, go here.

...not little girls, and his efforts to change himself into a female/mother may support the idea that he wanted small boys to feel more comfortable with a female-seeming older person.

If Jackson was gay, we cannot rule out the possibility that he had AIDS (which would be one explanation for his rail thin frame).

More than likely, based on testimony from various flight attendants, Michael Jackson may have been an alcoholic.

It is also possible that he had cancer, from his numerous skin whitening procesures. Earlier this year The Sun reported that he had skin cancer, but he may have had other cancers besides.

There is a complex relationship between heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest, Lindsay said. "The majority of the time, sudden cardiac arrest is not associated with a heart attack," he said. "It is usually related to scarring or damage to the heart from some past event."

Certain drugs can also cause cardiac arrest, Garratt added. On Friday, media reports said that doctors doing the autopsy on Jackson would be looking for possible effects of drugs. One report said that Jackson had an injection of morphine before the crisis. Another report mentioned possible use of the prescription narcotic Demerol.

"Usually, prescribed heart medications can stimulate abnormal heart rhythm if taken in large overdoses," Garratt explained. "So can medications that sedate somebody and make them not breathe properly, leading to low blood oxygen levels. Overdoses of sedative drugs like tranquilizers can have that effect."

"The ultimate question is whether death was due to a problem with the heart or another problem," Nicholls said. An autopsy was performed Friday, but additional tests are to be performed and the results aren't expected for six to eight weeks, the Los Angeles County coroner's office said.
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FRIDAY, June 26 (HealthDay News) -- Pop star Michael Jackson probably did not die on Thursday of a heart attack but perhaps something even more deadly -- sudden cardiac arrest, experts say.

It's not yet clear whether Jackson went into sudden cardiac arrest in his Los Angeles home, but that assumption has been made by many experts "on the basis of the report that his heart stopped, and he received resuscitation attempts," said Dr. Stephen Nicholls, a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic.

A view of Michael Jackson's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles,

"Most cardiac arrest is related to ischemic heart disease," Garratt said. Ischemia is blockage of an artery. "Most of the time, ventricular fibrillation takes place when an artery is blocked off. When that happens, if you don't get the rhythm corrected right away, you lose cardiac function and everything stops quite quickly."

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