Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson's phalanx of advisors - axis of evil?

SHOOT: Imagine not being able to trust your family, or friends, or anyone really, for fear that once they've gained your inner circle they will sue you, blackmail you, make false accusations. A frightening, lonely existence.

Records reveal years of financial troubles for Murray [Jackson's cardiologist], who practices medicine in California, Nevada and Texas; his Nevada medical practice, Global Cardiovascular Associates, was slapped with more than $400,000 in court judgments, and he faces at least two other pending cases and several tax liens.

Jackson never communicated to his family who he had in place to handle his business affairs, the person close to the family said, adding that they were told by the singer's phalanx of advisers that the singer likely had a will, but it may be many years old. The family is distrustful of what they are being told — but they are determined to find out more, the person said.

"There are decisions going down without the family being in the loop; it's becoming an issue," the person said.

The person said that while there were reports that the singer was distant from his family, he spoke with his mother Katherine quite regularly and his father, Joe, had seen his son shortly before his death. His other eight siblings, including fellow superstar Janet, may not have talked to him recently but were not estranged.

Much of the family was holed up Friday inside the Jackson family's Encino compound, including his three children, according to the person, who described them as doing looking "pretty good."

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