Monday, June 29, 2009

Joseph Jackson, Michael's Father - The Man behind Michael's madness, and sadness?

"I was a child supporting my family. My father took the money. Some of the money was put aside for me, but a lot of the money was put back into the entire family. I was just working the whole time."

SHOOT: Is this what happens when you despise your father, love your mother, and lose your childhood?
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"What about his" – and I fished for a word – "eccentricity? Does that bother you?"
"He is magic. And I think all truly magical people have to have that genuine eccentricity." There is not an atom in her consciousness that allows her the slightest negativity on the subject of Jacko. "He is one of the most loving, sweet, true people I have ever loved. He is part of my
heart. And we would do anything for each other."
This Wendy with a vengeance, who was a wealthy and world-famous pre-adolescent, supporting her parents from the age of nine, said she easily related to Michael, who was also a child star, and denied a childhood, as well as viciously abused by his father. There was a "Katherine" steam engine, and a "Katherine Street" at Neverland; there was no "Joseph
Street", nor anything bearing his father's name.
'He'll talk to you if I ask him to," Elizabeth had told me. And at a prearranged signal, Michael called me, at four one morning.

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