Monday, June 29, 2009

Joe Jackson, 80, is all smiles, plugs record company during interview over Michael's death

SHOOT: He's obviously had multiple plastic surgeries too. Not a wrinkle in sight. You wouldn't guess from the toothpaste commercial smile [below] that his son, who paid for the gold chain around his neck, has just died, or whether he is really bothered by his suspicions of foul play.

Meanwhile: It is expected that Jackson's estate will make more during the next 12 months than he did in the last decade of his life.
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In a second interview at the Black Entertainment Awards, the 80-year-old alluded to the Jackson family's fears over the singer's death.

He told a CNN reporter: 'Yes I am. I have a lot of concerns. I can't get into that but I don't like what happened.'

The Jackson family lawyer Londell McMillan then stepped in, saying: 'We cant talk about that right now - there is a second autopsy underway. We will let that process take its course, we will have more to say at a later time.'

Bizarrely, Mr Jackson then went on to use the interview to plug his record company.

The development comes after it was revealed that Michael Jackson’s aides took an astonishing 50 minutes to call an ambulance, it was revealed last night.

Their 911 emergency call was not made until frantic attempts to resuscitate him had failed.

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And then there's Dr. Hyde:
Dr Murray was hired just 11 days ago by AEG Live — the firm masterminding Jacko’s 50-date residency at London’s O2 Arena, which was due to start next month.Sources claimed the family were preparing a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the cardiologist.

Detectives were unable to find the doctor at Jackson’s home and his car was taken away for analysis as police sought him for questioning. He surfaced late on Friday and was quizzed over the weekend.

The Sun told on Saturday how Jacko had developed stage fright for the first time and was terrified of performing the comeback gigs.

Aides claimed the ailing star even believed he would be KILLED if he pulled out on health grounds. We also revealed he was taking a potentially toxic cocktail of drugs.

Sources last night said prescriptions for drugs for patients other than Jacko were found at his home. Those patients were due to be quizzed.

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