Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jackson's Parents start bickering over will as Janet is made executor

WENN: The Thriller hitmaker’s parents, Joe and Katherine, are reportedly unaware of what Branca believes is Jackson’s most up-to-date will - in a petition filed in a Los Angeles court on Monday (29Jun09), they stated the singer died "intestate", meaning without a will.

They are asking a judge put Katherine in charge and name her administrator of the division of Jackson’s assets.

SHOOT: The impression is that Jackson's parents, and possibly even the rest of his family (the siblings), are more into money than they ever were into Michael. And that sort of isolation is a recipe for crawling into one's own fantasy world to escape the unpleasant predations and motvations of one's own family.
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Michael Jackson amended his last will and testament just weeks before his sudden death, according to online reports.

The pop superstar died on Thursday (25Jun09), leaving behind a complicated mess of his finances.

The King of Pop left an enormous musical legacy and a back catalogue worth millions - but he also had huge debts, estimated at $500 million (£300 million), as a result of his legendary and unrestrained spending sprees.

His sister Janet Jackson has been made executor of his estate, but TMZ.com claims another will exists that has yet to be filed in court.

The website reports Jackson rehired lawyer John Branca three weeks prior to his death, and revised his final wishes in the event of a tragedy. Branca intends to file the latest will in court within the next 30 days.

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