Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hookers 0, Pharaohs 1? Hotel video evidence vindicates Pharaohs

Sowetan: Media reports alleged that five Egyptian players who were robbed of R19377 at Protea Hotel Wanderers in Johannesburg might have been robbed by prostitutes who were allegedly invited to their hotel rooms to celebrate the team’s win against world champions Italy.

SHOOT: So now they're saying there were no hookers? And no hotel staff took the money. And it's all on camera, except there's nothing suspicious. Except that R20 000 is no longer there. Intwisting.
clipped from www.sowetan.co.za
INVESTIGATIONS into allegations that sex workers were responsible for the disappearance of money from Egyptian soccer players’ rooms have finally been completed.

Yesterday the South African Police Service held a press conference in Pretoria to clear the air on what actually happened on the night of June 18.

  • Obtaining 28 affidavits from the complainants and possible witnesses;
  • Checking premises for fingerprints;
  • Checking of access to the hotel rooms in absence of the Egyptian team;
  • The checking of hotel rooms safes which are electronically monitored; and
  • Viewing of CCTV footage in hotel reception area and the vicinity of the rooms of the players.
  • “We can confirm that no suspect has been identified and hotel staff have all been cleared,” said police spokesperson Director Sally De Beer.

    She said the footage showed that there was no evidence of alcohol usage.

    The report is still going to be presented to the director of public prosecutions who will then make a decision on the case.

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