Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Health authorities say: "We're abandoning the containment of this virus."

Officials in both areas announced on Thursday they had abandoned attempts to contain spread of the virus, instead opting for a policy of managing the outbreak.

SHOOT: In a pandemic scenario, containment and vaccination simple don't make sense, because the scale becomes too great to control. Few people actually imagine this, since it falls out of their personal scenarios and experiences.
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Swine flu test
The number of confirmed swine flu cases in England has jumped by nearly 20% in a single day, latest figures show.

The Health Protection Agency statistics show that 535 new cases were confirmed on Friday, bringing the total to 3,364.

Scotland registered another 72 cases on Friday, an 8.5% rise, bringing the total to 922, and a 25th case was confirmed in Northern Ireland.

With 12 cases confirmed in Wales, the total number of confirmed UK cases now stands at 4,323.

He predicted tens of thousands of cases of swine flu could be emerging each week by the autumn.

The West Midlands remains the most badly affected area of England, with 158 new cases confirmed on Friday, bringing the total to 1,516.

Some hospitals in that region have created triage areas to cope with complaints of symptoms.

London is the other swine flu "hotspot" in England, recording 225 new cases on Friday, taking the total to 985.

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