Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fifa gives South African prostitutes and striking Gauriders an A for effort, 8 out of 10

SHOOT: I agree with Ray Hartley, editor of The Times, who writes:

There have been many complaints about transport — especially from games back to the parking spots for park-and-ride facilities. More than one fan has had their evening ruined by hours of waiting while aggressive crowds rock buses and break queues. [And]...the fact is that South Africa has a bad reputation for crime which the 2010 World Cup could reinforce with a few high profile incidents.

SHOOT: I've been in two minds about the vuvuzelas, but I tend to overrule Blatter if the players themselves are complaining. It is a contraption that seems designed to give one a headache.

Guardian.co.uk: What would Blatter say if the trumpets became popular in the US? "It's true that they are a bit annoying, but this is America, and the people are complete morons. We have to adapt a little"?
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South Africa vs New Zealand

With a year to go before the start of the World Cup, I can boldly predict what televisual phenomenon is going to sweep the nation next June and July: the mute button. It will be to football broadcasting what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would be to the live performance of rap music: great to look at, a nightmare to listen to.

Some people say the vuvuzela originates in a tribal instrument made from the horn of the kudu, blown to summon villagers to important meetings. Others say the vuvuzela originates in a plastics factory in China. The truth is unclear.

"I think they should be banned," says Liverpool's Xabi Alonso, who has been experiencing the full vuvuzela treatment while playing for Spain. "We're used to people shouting but not to this trumpet noise which doesn't allow you to concentrate and is unbearable.
"It's noisy, it's energy, rhythm, music, dance, drums. This is Africa. We have to adapt a little."
"I always said that when we go to South Africa, it is Africa," Blatter added
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