Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dispatch moving from single deadline news cycle to a rolling 24/7 news culture

SHOOT: Interesting to see the first coverage of a murder trial live on twitter from within the court.

TRENCH: We are working hard to try and change our newsroom culture from a single deadline news cycle as our traditional print offering operates, to a rolling 24/7 news culture where we are breaking news constantly using the different platforms available to us.

SHOOT: Much of mainstream media are still locked in a mindset of traditional print-based deadlines. The power of the internet is that you're able to get up-to-the minute, live and near-live coverage. On the internet , information wants to be free, and that includes freedom from timeframes.
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I’m very pleased with our newspaper and online offering today even though our coverage is centred on a ghastly story, the murder trial of Wendy Manthe who pleaded guilty yesterday to strangling her two children.

1. Online News Editor Jan Hennop headed to the East London High Court and was given permission by the Judge to cover the trial live on twitter from within the court. As far as I am aware this has never been done before in South Africa. Jan posted some riveting updates, describing tearful scenes as Manthe broke down as her chilling confession was read to the court;

2. We followed this through with fuller updates on our blog where readers began to comment on the events of the day,

3. Meanwhile, Tegan Bedser, one of our senior online staffers, was working like crazy putting an excellent multi-media presentation together using the tools on a brilliant website called vuvox.com. You can see the result of that work here

We kept the full text of the confession aside for the front page
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