Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Camp for Climate Action 27 Aug - 2 Sept [GLASTONBURY]

Basically we will be running a mini Camp for Climate Action in the Dragon field all weekend. We will have workshops at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm where you can learn what Climate Camp is, why we do what we do and then all the skills you need to start doing direct action yourself. We will also have a small acoustic bandstand- "The Random Bandstand" and we are inviting musicians, performers, comedians or anyone who wants to participate to sign up for a slot during the day until 10pm. for more information or to sign up for a slot ring 07960173864 from Thursday morning onwards.

Our aim for the festival is to make people aware of the climate change issues that are happening at this very moment, and to empower them to do something about it. Ultimately we hope to encourage everyone to come down to one of the 3 Climate Camps happening around the UK this August and to show them that they do have the power to make a difference.
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Camp for Climate Action

Camp for Climate Action
27 Aug - 2 Sept

With the city lights in sight, you pitch your tent alongside thousands of others. Another future emerges from the ground.

Welcome to the Climate Camp.

Last year thousands of people camped at Kingsnorth coal fired power station, casting a big question mark over new coal in the UK. Then in the spring of this year thousands of people swooped on the city whilst the G20 was meeting in London: tents were pitched and the carbon trading centre in the hub of the financial district shut its doors for the day.

Team up. Get trained. Take action.

What to bring:

  • Your friends: because the camp will be more successful with more people
  • Everything that you’d normally take camping
  • What not to bring:

  • Pen-knives: the police love to find a couple so they can go on TV and spread scare stories about Climate Campers
  • Dogs (except guide dogs)
  • Glass bottles
  • See you there!

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