Monday, June 29, 2009

As Swine flu approaches 70 000 official infections, Kenya reports its first case

SHOOT: I imagine Zimbabwe would be one of the last African countries to report a case.
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NAIROBI, June 29 (Reuters) - Kenya has detected its first case of the new H1N1 influenza virus in a 20-year-old British student, Public Health Minister Beth Mugo said on Monday.
"This is the first confirmed case of H1N1 in Kenya," she told a news conference.
A group of 30 students has been quarantined in a hotel in city of Kisumu in western Kenya. The student's condition did not require hospitalisation, Mugo said.
Other African countries that have confirmed having swine flu patients are South Africa, Ethiopia and Ivory Coast.
The World Health Organisation is now reporting more than 67,000 confirmed cases of H1N1 flu and some 300 deaths worldwide.
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