Monday, June 29, 2009

4 Swine flu cases in South Africa

Brian Liebenberg, 29, a member of the French Barbarian rugby team, was South Africa’s second H1N1 case. He became ill during a tour in Argentina.

Liebenberg arrived at OR Tambo International Airport on Wednesday with light flu symptoms, but immediately went for tests when he heard that four of his teammates had been diagnosed with the virus.

A week ago, the illness was diagnosed in Aleksey Goussard, 12, who was visiting his father and grandparents in Pretoria. Aleksey, the country’s first H1N1 case, lives with his mother in San José in California.

SHOOT: Officially there are four.
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Johannesburg – Another two cases of H1N1 (swine) flu were reported in South Africa on Friday afternoon.
This raises the number of recorded cases of influenza A in the country to four.
A person from Gauteng and another from the Western Cape - both adults who had travelled home from London and the USA respectively - were recovering at home after being diagnosed with the virus.
The other patient, a 51-year-old woman from Worcester, flew to South Africa on June 20. She went to her doctor with flu symptoms and the virus was also diagnosed on Friday.
He said they had to find all the people that they had been in contact with, for treatment and counselling.
21 449 cases (87 deaths) in the USA, 8 279 cases (116 deaths) in Mexico, 6 732 cases (19 deaths) in Canada, 5 186 cases (seven deaths) in Chile, 3 280 cases (three deaths) in Australia and 1 391 cases (21 deaths) in Argentina.
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