Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Whatever Zille's sins, she still wins the moral high ground

David Saks: ...shock, horror! — [Zille] based her choice of MECs apparently on merit! How un-South African, lamented the ANC.

SHOOT: I hope many women out there have noticed the manner in which Zille was excoriated, even though they were unsuccessful in their attempt to expurgate this lady. I think that's enough big words from me for one day.

If being disliked by the ruling group is one of the requirements of being an effective opposition leader, Helen Zille has been doing rather well of late. The sheer viciousness of the ANC’s attacks on her indicates that she is at least taken seriously. This abuse has included several of its affiliates resorting to the crudest sexual slurs more appropriate to a school playground. The ANC Youth League and Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association have made the puerile and revolting assertions that Zille appointed men to her Western Cape Cabinet in return for sexual favours.

“The ANCYL has exposed itself as deeply sexist and racist, spewing out ill-composed nonsense, all the while exhibiting to all that its leaders do not possess an iota of understanding of the values upon which a successful democratic state should be built,” was Willem Punt’s take on the situation. Punt is an associate director of the Ethics Institute of SA. That about puts it in a nutshell, I’d say.

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