Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome to Johannesburg, the world's most dangerous city with the world's most violent criminals

Because we're immersed in our situation in South Africa we think it is normal when someone says to us, here in Johannesburg, that they can have someone you don't like (or disagreed with) murdered.

The crazy thing is that this is happening between white folks. I remember in the bad old days when my sister had a drug problem, I made an errant comment about my father and the guy she was with said, "Want me to get rid of him, I can arrange it?"
Something similar happened to me recently, and someone said they could have my ex-landlady killed. Jeepers, is life so cheap that if you disagree with someone, or don't like them, that you have them murdered, or suggest or offer to do this as a sort of favour? Scary.

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