Tuesday, May 19, 2009

US University Students facing huge financial stresses - and they're due to get worse

SHOOT: Will things improve?

"It always does," he said. "It's nowhere near bad enough to think that the country's going to explode and fail. The economy naturally cycles. I've studied enough economics to know that. It goes up, it goes back down."

SHOOT: Actually this time it's different. This time the contraction is permanent and the shift is fundamental. There is no cycle. Sorry. Here's why:

Solution: Start your own business.
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"A degree in economics," he said, "doesn't really prepare you to understand the economy very well."

To be sure, tight budgets are a rite of passage at college. Ramen noodles build character.

Parents usually worry about their kids' finances. Now the kids are worrying about their parents'.

--22 percent of students said they worry a lot about having enough money to get through a typical week at school, and more -- fully one-third -- said they worry a lot about the finances of their parents.

--32 percent said financial worries have a lot of impact on the stress they're under, up from 27 percent last spring.

Nervousness is apparent on campuses, even in the midst of post-exam relief. So, however, is resilience.

"I don't buy clothes," Robertson said. "I don't shop. I stay at home, I don't go out. I have a very strict academic life.

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