Friday, May 22, 2009

These morons just don't understand Lance Armstrong

SHOOT: Here's another one of them. This guy thinks Lance Armstrong isn't such a great cyclist because he only cycled the Tour de France etc etc. If this bozo bothered to read any of Lance's books he might have picked up on one little clue - Lance loves and respects the Tour more than any race. It's also generally considered to be the toughest race/sporting event on the calendar. And Lance dominated it. Who wouldn't try to stay on top. If you've won the tour why go and race the Tour of the Gila in obscure New Mexico (which Lance did by the way). Sorry this guy is one of the dolts who should rather write fiction because they want to customise their heroes and tick off a wishlist.
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Among the plethora of things I hold against Lance Armstrong is the way that his story - no matter how inspiring and heroic and extraordinary it has been - has accentuated the English-language press's belief that there's only one bike race of any importance each year. Apparently it's the Tour de France first, the rest nowhere. This is irritating.

Perhaps Armstrong would have won some of these races had he taken part during his prime years. But the failure to even try was a greater failing than racing and failing to win. By concentating on the Tour de France to the exclusion of all else Armstrong abdicated from his responsibilities as the patron of the peloton.

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