Saturday, May 30, 2009

Susan Boyle is a psychological lamb to the slaughter

SHOOT: Anyone who lives a life of relative obscurity takes a huge risk foisting themselves into the limelight. The media is shallow and vicious in their pursuit of a pound of your flesh for a pound of advertising. Good luck Susan.
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FILE  - In this Thursday April 16, 2009 file photo Susan Boyle, whose

Boyle's life story has also helped win over the world's media. She cared for her widowed mother for years, lives alone with her cat, Pebbles, in one of Scotland's poorest regions, and said she's never been kissed.

Psychologist David Wilson warned in the Daily Mail on Friday that a woman of Boyle's background would have difficulty coping with the intense media focus.

He said she was "a psychological lamb to the slaughter."

"This video of Susan Boyle is quickly becoming the most viewed video of all-time — and nobody's making money," Van Buskirk said.

Most hits received by videos of Boyle were unofficial uploads by fans, and none carried advertising. But the producers have built global brand recognition for the show.

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