Thursday, May 21, 2009

Should the public reward politicians for doing their job? - Ido Lekota

SHOOT: Some good thoughts on the issue of gifting politicians on Sowetan today.
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More so taking into consideration that they were put in that position because of the commitment to serve the public .

Linked to this question is the issue of moral probity. Should, for example, politicians accept gifts from business?

This question arises from the position of power that they hold and how those who bear the gift could abuse that. The gift from Vukuzakhe may as well have been an honest gift but that does not preclude the possibility that the recipient could use his position of power to favour the bearer of such a gift when it comes to opportunities arising in his sphere of operation.

Individuals like political science professor Robert MacDemid, an ethics expert at Toronto York University, believes that Canadian politicians should not accept gifts from other governments or private sector.

We cannot afford to have the public questioning the integrity of those who govern the country.

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