Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shine 2010 reckons swine flu is a joke - well, they would, wouldn't they

SHOOT: While publicly all the vested interests in 2010 will be tittering about how the WHO 'overreacted' in private they are quivering in their soccer boots. Even more than the economy (what's left of it), H1N1 has the potential to scupper the world cup.
It can happen very easily - travel bans alone would do it. A public sufficiently worried would also not want to travel |(especially long haul) and would feel unsafe congregating en masse, which is what any World Cup would involve.
From the signals I'm getting, Swine Flu is spreading faster and further. It's not an improving situation and certainly no joke:
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Hahaha. Oh, ya, and swine flu continues to ravage the world, except not really. Seems that once again it was a big over calculation, or maybe the panic stations and intervention by the WHO had the desired effect (perhaps as difficult to believe as the contention that there was a serious risk in the first place). Here’s a graph to demonstrate the perils we faced. Enjoy. And roll on fascinating tourist people, please do ask these great questions when you get here to sunny South Africa! (I know a few people in Cape Town who may want to kick me for that last comment).

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