Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pop Quiz: You want to murder your whole family first thing in the morning. Do you urinate first? [DAVID BAIN]

SHOOT: This case is sooo ludicrous. I wonder who is paying David's defence team?
clipped from www.stuff.co.nz

Robin Bain’s distracted mental state could have reduced his urge to urinate, a defence expert told the Bain trial today.

He was found dead with a full bladder or “overnight collection’’ of 400ml, leading to the contention a 58-year-old man like Robin could not have resisted the urge to urinate after getting up.

However defence urologist Grant Russell, of Wellington, said nothing could be concluded from 400mls of urine in the bladder.

For some people 400mls did not cause any urgency at all especially in an aging male with an enlarged prostate. Adrenalin or agitation could reduce urine production.


Anti-depressive drugs could inhibit the urge to urinate.

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