Saturday, May 30, 2009

People die of flu anyway, we don't know what's going to happen so we're going to just wait and see and hope for the best

SHOOT: This tends to sum up the average view of people. I'll use one word to summarise this response: FUCKING LAZY. The fact is we have no natural immunity and we know that pandemic flu has the ability, beyond earthquakes, hurricanes and wars, to wipe out millions of people. All it has to do is mutate, on a whim. If you don't believe in evolution, you might want to pay attention here. It's un-fucking-believable how stupid the average man-in-the-street is.
I have had flu these past few days - ordinary flu. I can tell you, if I caught an exotic strain I would be really worried. I know of so many people in my circle of friends and co-workers that already have the flu, and yet we treat swine flu as been-there-done-that. Anyway good to see Oz are stockpiling. They are on the right track.
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PETER CAVE: Australia is bracing itself for a swine flu pandemic, pre-ordering 10-million doses of a vaccine and boosting its antiviral stockpile.
The epicentre of the virus, Victoria, watched its tally double overnight; more schools have been closed and a weekend football match has been cancelled.
And whether the virus is worthy of the hysteria it's creating continues to be debated.
RACHAEL BROWN: As the swine flu case count continues its sharp climb, the pressure on the community is starting to take its toll.
KEVIN RUDD: The stockpiling of our antivirals is probably, on a per capita basis, one of the best provisioned anywhere in the world.
ROSANNA CAPOLINGUA: There have been deaths overseas of course so the circumstances, particularly in Mexico may be different to what we experience here. Influenza can take people's lives anyway. We don't know what is going to happen. We have got at least until November, the whole winter season, to experience swine influenza here.
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