Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ndebele shows his class - sets example for other politicians

SHOOT: The Times has a great headline today: S'Bu Shows His S-Class. It's great to see some politicians taking a stand and doing the right thing. In a twinkle Ndebele has become the public's and the media's darling. Nice job.
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Transport Minister Sbu Ndebele turned the spotlight on the ANC and President Jacob Zuma yesterday when he announced he was “voluntarily” returning a R1,1million Mercedes-Benz, though Zuma and the ANC leadership had advised him to keep it.

“After consultation with the president of South Africa and the political office bearers of my political party, the ANC, who advised me to follow the stipulated procedures, and after due consideration I have nevertheless decided to return the gift to the Vukuzakhe programme.

“I’ve had 15 fairly good years in government and the only thing I really have is my good name,” he said.

Ndebele denied that he had taken a long time to return the gift.

“We must be fair – if the law says you must disclose gifts within 60 days but you then give it back within 60 hours, you cannot say I took too long,” he said.

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