Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In Queens New York - a second fatality from Swine Flu?

SHOOT: H1N1 looks pretty grim in Queens. The kid's sister and brother also have flu. Are you from Queens? Or New York? What are you experiencing? Are you afraid?
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NEW YORK (AFP) — New York medical authorities were testing Tuesday whether swine flu killed a 16-month-old boy who died with a high fever.

"We don't know yet whether the child who died contracted the H1N1 virus," Mayor Michael Bloomberg told a press conference. "The tests won't be done till later today or tomorrow."

New Yorkers are on high alert after the city's first fatality from swine flu, a school vice principal who died over the weekend.

The toddler who died was admitted to hospital in the Queens neighborhood with a strong fever, which is a symptom of both ordinary flu and the new H1N1 strain, the hospital said. His sister and brother also had flu-like symptoms.

Fifteen schools in the city have been temporarily closed, according to latest figures, nearly all of them in the Queens neighborhood.

Another outbreak being scrutinized is at a detention center on Rikers Island, where there were four confirmed cases, Bloomberg said.

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