Thursday, May 21, 2009

Giro Stage 12: Watch out for Lance today [Charts, Profiles, Live Coverage]

SHOOT: Note Zabriskie at #10 in the current standings. Armstrong, Leipheimer, Basso etc. yet to start.

1. ANDRIOTTO Dario ITA ASA - 01h42'12"
2. IGNATIEV Mikhail RUS KAT - at 10"
3. KAISEN Olivier BEL SIL - at 59"
4. SCHRODER Bjorn GER MRM - at 01'35"
5. CHIARINI Riccardo ITA LPR - at 01'51"
6. BELGY Julien FRA BBO - at 02'20"
7. CHAINEL Steve FRA BBO - at 02'21"
8. REDA Francesco ITA QST - at 02'47"
9. ISAICHEV Vladimir RUS XGZ - at 02'51"
10. ZABRISKIE David USA GRM - at 02'59"

Di Luca, Basso, Leipheimer, Menchov and any other would-be overall winners will be told a lot about their chances in today's challenge against the clock, which runs on an undulating course that makes it something different from the average "race of the truth". The easier but longer (12 km) Passo del Bracco in the first half, and the steeper Passo del Termine in the second, as well as their respective descents, may not be enough to take the favourite status away from the ITT specialists (Leipheimer and Menchov above anyone else, but watch out for Lance Armstrong too ...), but could well help poorer TTists withg good climbing legs and descending abilities - of the kind Danilo Di Luca showed two days ago - limit their losses.

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