Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getaway readers getaway with Pinnock

SHOOT: Pinnock interviewed me for a position at Getaway. Pay was a bit shabby but as they say, there are few jobs better than a travel writer. This looks like something fun for the readers and might make a good story too, what all the folk got up to in various exotic places.
There are few jobs more alluring or glamorous than that of a travel writer. Now travel enthusiasts can experience that lifestyle at first-hand: Getaway is inviting a select number of readers to join its journalists on assignment in Africa and beyond.
“We have long debated how to take our brand to our readers in new and engaging ways,” explained Getaway editor Don Pinnock. “Our writers go to some wonderful places and we got to thinking our readers would be keen to join them. Getaway Adventures makes that possible.”
The first group leaves on 25 June, when 10 adventurers join Pinnock on a two-week assignment to explore the customs and culture of Kashmir, “known as Little Tibet”, in India. They will visit villages and ancient temples, observe a Buddhist ceremony in the Himalayas, live on a houseboat on mountain lakes and stop off at the Taj Mahal.
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