Thursday, May 21, 2009

Follow manufacturers instructions - and die!

SHOOT: If you smoke you're not doing yourself any favors. Quit today.
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Over five million people die from the effects of tobacco globally a year, which is higher than HIV/Aids, malaria and tuberculosis deaths combined, the SA Medical Association (Sama) said on Thursday.

“It is the only legal consumer product that kills when used exactly as the manufacturer intends,” Sama member Dr Trevor Terblanche said.

“Up to half of all smokers will die from a tobacco-related disease. It is also a known fact that second-hand smoke harms everyone who is exposed to it,” he said in a statement.

Terblanche explained that smoking accounted for at least 30 percent of all cancer-related deaths, and can also damage a woman’s reproductive system, as well as hurt babies.

The habit has also been linked to other health problems including gum disease, cataracts, bone thinning, hip fractures, peptic ulcers, macular degeneration, and eye disease. - Sapa

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