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David Bain: Blood stains analysed; interpreted

The order of the shots is an important issue in the trial because David has stated he heard Laniet gurgling. If she was still alive after the cheek shot, which the Crown asserts, David must have delivered the final fatal shots.

Manlove's evidence suggests she was already dead when the cheek shot was made.

SHOOT: If Laniet was already dead (having been shot in the head/brain) why on earth would the killer lower the rifle and shoot her in the cheek. It's far more likely that he first shot her in the cheek.
It's also strange that Robin Bain was found only with his own blood on his clothes and no fingerprints on the rifle. David Bain's fingerprints are on the rifle, his socks and clothes covered in blood of various family members. Case closed!
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The blood staining on the inside of the right leg of Robin's tracksuit pants showed the blood had travelled through the air before hitting the cloth. Some blood had impacted upwards and some downwards which "assisted" with an explanation of Robin shooting himself with a knee being raised on a chair.

The pattern of blood spots on a curtain near where Robin was found were large and therefore difficult to interpret, he said, making it difficult to tell where Robin would have been when the blood was deposited on the curtain.

The blood spots did not, however, result from the impact of the bullet and must have come from the wound afterwards.

On the right shoe Robin was wearing when he was found dead, he had detected three blood stains of airborne origin, Manlove said. If the spots were deposited at the time of death, Robin could not have been kneeling when shot because his shoes would have been well away from the direction of blood, he said.

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