Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Armstrong apologises for Giro's boring stage

SHOOT: The Giro has been pretty controversial so far.
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"It's an unfortunate situation, an accumulation of days and days of frustration and I think fear on a lot of people's parts and then this war of words and this war of power afterwards that we have to avoid," Armstrong said in a video message posted late Monday, the Giro's first rest day.

Armstrong was seen discussing the perils of the circuit with the race organization's car as he pedaled through Milan, and he stood next to overall leader Danilo Di Luca when the Italian addressed the fans in the middle of the stage with a microphone to explain the protest, interrupting the race briefly.

"I think the real point here, and I think the point that we as riders would like to get across is that we're sorry about that. It wasn't an ideal outcome, nobody was happy with that," Armstrong said.

Armstrong said the protest was over "an accumulation of dangerous finishes."

"But I think also that Pedro Horillo's crash was something that was fresh in everyone's mind," he said.
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