Thursday, May 21, 2009

A.O Scott Reviews TERMINATOR SALVATION - favourably! [Sort of]

Scott: [The director] manages speed, impact and the choreography of technomayhem with aplomb and a measure of wit. It has been a long time since the Terminator cycle served as a showcase for state-of-the-art cinematic special effects.

SHOOT: Looks like a good flick. I for the most part read Scott's reviews to see how much I disagree with them. He doesn't disappoint, choosing nice sounding epithets (presumably to win writing awards) like this rather than saying something real and reasonable that would interest his audience:
"With its clanks and creaks and broken-down contraptions, this movie is a battered Wall-E to “Star Trek’s” sleek and seamless Eve. " He says that but deplores the "egghead aspirations of “Star Trek”. Yup it sounds great and sounds like he is an amazing writer, it just has very little to do with good reviewing and more about see-how-well-i-can-write?
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The palette is a dull steely gray, coarsened by dust and rust and occasionally illuminated by a bright orange fireball. And the action, in spite of some aerial special effects and a few high-tech battles, is accordingly loud and blunt, a symphony of screaming gears, anguished torque and thumping collisions of metal and flesh. As the floor of the screening room rumbled and the walls seemed to shake, I began to wonder if Skynet were not a subsidiary of the Dolby Laboratories, softening up a few human targets before the big battle.

Among these are efficient, reasonably swift storytelling — the movie, less than two hours long, is densely populated with semi-important characters and crammed with exposition and incident, but it rarely feels busy or talky — and a mastery of the vernacular of chases, fights, explosions and crashes.
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