Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WHO ought to go to PHASE 5 but opt to 'wait and see' instead

SHOOT: Phase 5 makes sense. All the signs are already there that H1N1 is easily moving amongst people. In New York alone, with 45 infections, it's obvious that the disease isn't static. The Americans are already treating Swine Flu as a pandemic, as should other countries. South Africa's muted response has been pathetic, with one journalist referring to interest in swine flu as 'hype'. There's about as much taste in using that word for a pandemic as for a funeral. Who talks about 'funeral hype'?

Bloomberg: At least five states have confirmed outbreaks, including New York with 45, California with 10, Texas 6, Kansas 2, and Ohio 1, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on its Web site today. The U.S. can expect to see hospitalizations and deaths, and businesses and schools should plan for a pandemic, said Richard Besser, the acting head of the Atlanta-based agency. Yesterday, the agency reported there were 40 cases in the U.S.

WHO looking for signs of ongoing swine flu spread before going to Phase 5

TORONTO — The World Health Organization says it is looking for evidence swine flu viruses are spreading in waves from people infected in Mexico before it will say the pandemic alert level needs to go to Phase 5.

The WHO says most cases to date outside of Mexico are in people who became infected in Mexico and travelled home.

It is still waiting to see evidence of generations of spread - for instance, travellers infecting family members, who infect work colleagues and so on.

WHO says that would signal that the swine flu virus is well adapted to human spread and poses an even greater pandemic threat.

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