Monday, April 27, 2009

We Must Accept the ANC's Victory and Make Things Better, Together [BULLSH#T]

"It must be stated that there is absolutely no evidence that the ANC planned to change the constitution." - Ray Hartley

ANC won't change the Constitution

SHOOT: As far as I know Ray is wrong on this point. The ANC have been trying to push through constitutional changes (at the same time Zuma said they weren't/wouldn't).

"Already the ANC Cabinet has approved a new bill to change the Constitution to take powers away from local government, because they are scared the DA will win in more and more places throughout South Africa." - Helen Zille

SHOOT: I've noticed a lot of people are saying we should concede gracefully to the ANC. It's an odd sentiment when you have a party that puts individuals above the law, lies and contradicts itself (see above) and is ordinarily the party has been in conflict with the constitution of this country (which they say they don't want to change). A party that condones corruption can't be trusted and the people who trust the corrupt are fools.

NEWS24: The party is the only one that voters can rely on to stand up against the ANC's abuse of power, "which is turning South Africa into a criminal state".

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