Monday, April 27, 2009

#Swine Flu: United Kingdom family in quarantine

SHOOT: The onset of symptoms is also cause for concern. People suddenly get very sick.
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A businessman and his family have been told not to have contact with other people after he returned from Mexico and reported having flu-like symptoms.

Chris Clarke, of Stanwick, felt unwell on Saturday and contacted NHS Direct who told him to call his out-of-hours doctor service.

He said his family have now been issued with a vaccine and been told to stay away from other people as a precaution.

Mr Clarke said he felt the onset of flu-like symptoms as soon as he got home and now his wife and children appeared to be suffering similar symptoms.

He told BBC News: "I was watching the [BBC] News channel last night - clearly the story was escalating.

"They said there were lots of things that could cause my symptoms but said I should be seen by my local practitioner and asked me to call my out-of-hours service, which I did."

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