Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu: Originated in Asia, went into pigs in Mexico, mixed, then entered human beings [Developing Nations to be hardest hit]

"This virus did not start in this area. It originated in Asia and spread into Mexico via the United States," said Fidel Herrera, the governor of the state of Veracruz.

SHOOT: Something like this could wipe out Africa. Here there is virtually no monitoring system and very little health infrastructure to contain or treat sick people. Just think what would happen if it went into AIDS and Cholera infested Zimbabwe.
WHO said a pandemic -- a global outbreak of a serious new illness -- was not yet inevitable but said poorer, developing nations would be hardest hit.
The community of La Gloria near the Gulf of Mexico was identified as the possible source of the outbreak when Mexican officials announced that the earliest identified victim of the H1N1 strain was a four-year-old boy, Edgar Hernandez, who had the virus in February.
The flu affected 1,200 people in La Gloria and nearby communities and killed two babies. Residents said they had complained for years about pollution from a nearby industrial pig farm.
Mexican officials confirmed that La Gloria had the earliest H1N1 case identified in Mexico but have denied that it originated at the local pig farm, Granjas Carroll de Mexico, which is 50% owned by U. S.-based Smithfield Foods Inc. Government agricultural experts joined the company in saying that there had been no traces of swine flu in the farm's 907 workers or 560,000 pigs.
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