Tuesday, April 28, 2009

#Swine Flu in New York City: 28 confirmed cases at a Prep School, 100 additional infections declared 'likely'

SHOOT: Again it is interesting to see that in the USA the flu has not been fatal. The danger is that it will reassort as a more lethal virus, something that occurred in 1918. In 1918 there was an initial flourish of the influenza virus which was followed by subsequent waves of increasingly deadly strains. Clearly this virus has evolved and is clearly effective at evolving and reproducing itself.
clipped from www.bloomberg.com

April 27 (Bloomberg) -- New York officials increased the
number of confirmed cases of swine flu in the city to 28 and
said at least 100 additional people may have been infected.

All the cases are mild and isolated to people associated
with St. Francis Preparatory School in Queens, said New York
Mayor Michael Bloomberg at a press conference today. The U.S.
government has sent antiviral drugs and face masks to the city
as a precaution, though those may not be needed, Bloomberg said.

The virus is suspected of causing more than 100 deaths in
Mexico, where there have been 26 confirmed cases. The swine flu
outbreak in the U.S. has grown to 40 confirmed cases, from 20
yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said
today. That includes the 28 in New York.

City Health Commissioner
Thomas Frieden said at today’s press conference it’s likely more
than 100 students at the school have been infected.
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