Tuesday, April 28, 2009

#Swine Flu in Falkirk, Scotland [7 Britons showing symptoms, 22 Quarantined, 4 Tested in Ireland]

SHOOT: The virus has also emerged in Colombia and in Mexico possible cases have increased to 1455.
clipped from www.telegraph.co.uk
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Swine flu has reached Britain it was disclosed on Monday night, as officials
confirmed that two people were being treated in a hospital isolation unit
after contracting the disease on holiday in Mexico.

Twenty two other people who have been in close contact with the patients – a man and a woman – since their return are receiving anti-viral drugs as a precaution and seven of them are showing mild symptoms of influenza.

The seven with symptoms have been told to stay at home and will be tested to see if they have swine flu.

Officials in Mexico – the centre of the outbreak – said there were 1,455 probable cases and 149 confirmed deaths.

Cases have also been confirmed in Spain, Canada, and several states in the USA. More are suspected in New Zealand, Israel and Colombia. Four people in the Irish Republic were being tested for the virus.

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