Monday, April 27, 2009

#Swine Flu - If it is a Pandemic the only sensible response is to Relax [HERE'S WHY]

SHOOT: You won't be able to out run this virus and it's already in your DNA and your immunity if you're destined to survive it. So when SHOOT recommends that you respond by being relaxed, it's really saying, 'Don't Panic' because either way there's not much you can do. Preparations you can make are to ensure your access to ordinary food and water and medical treatment, which essentially means you can't do much more than stay at home, sit on the couch and track it. If you have a better idea of response (other than communicating how this unfolds in a responsible manner) let me know.

NOTE: See the below interview extract for reference.
N: That’s a difficult thing to solve, but on a more practical level, what can you do? As far as I know, Australia has already simulated it. Simulated bird flu breaking out.
R: With SARS, when I was in the Philippines a year ago, they had devices that monitored body temperature installed at the airports. But if you look at the 1918 virus, that virus got around the world three times in eight months when there weren’t planes.

N: I think they went with ships.
R: Now with international air travel, if it breaks out, if you get serious human to human transmission in, say, Cambodia, in 96 hours it’s around the world.
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