Wednesday, April 29, 2009

South Korea: 5 suspected of contracting Swine Flu

``Seoul has taken swift and concrete steps to deal with the outbreak, but it must not take any action that can cause unwarranted social fear.'

SHOOT: Interesting the use of the harmless sounding word 'malaise' to describe the remainder of the symptoms.

Local health authorities said Wednesday that five more people are suspected of having contracted swine influenza (SI) following the first case detected in a patient who returned from a recent trip to Mexico.

The Korea Center for Disease Control and Management (KCDC) is examining blood samples of the five, who visited the United States or Mexico.

It said a blood sample from the first patient was sent to the U.S. Center for Disease Control for thorough checking, while the other suspected patients are being closely monitored.

Jeon Byeong-yul, a KCDC official, said, ``12 people have shown symptoms ― sore throats, severe coughs, high fevers, runny noses and malaise ― but half were diagnosed with simple colds.''

According to Incheon International Airport, more than 90,000 travelers have been scanned with thermal cameras to detect high fevers from possible infection with swine flu, but no new cases have been reported.
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