Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Press and Investors: Overreacting to Swine Flu Fears?

SHOOT: I don't think it is possible to overreact. The pathogen that has killed the most people in the history of our species is in play and may even threaten our collective survival.
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Last week, when we first got word of the Swine Flu epidemic coming out of Mexico, the Web went nuts. There were thousands of blog posts and exponentially more Twitters about the health threat—and not all of it was good information. The counter-reaction today? This site,
for one, is popular on the digital rounds.
Similarly the market seems to be whipsawing between panic and, a “well, wait a minute, there’s no deaths in the U.S. yet…” stance. Until we get more information, it’s hard to say what’s an
over-reaction and what’s an under-reaction.
So how do you play the rumor? Investor and blogger Paul Kedrosky joined me from San Diego to discuss just that. See video above.
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