Tuesday, April 28, 2009

#Mexican Swine Flu in Britain - 25 suspected cases

SHOOT: About the third of those have tested negative. It's interesting to note that no positive tests have officially been acknowledged by the Media in any country other than Mexico. One wonders if this is a true reflection or whether this information is being secreted away.
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The UK has enough anti-viral medication to treat half the population in the event of an influenza pandemic, Health Secretary Alan Johnson said.

Mr Johnson said if the swine flu outbreak in Mexico spread to the UK the Government would use its stockpile of anti-viral drugs to treat patients showing symptoms of the disease.

Updating the Commons, he said 25 cases of possible swine flu had been reported in the UK, of which eight had proved negative.

He said three patients were undergoing specialist tests in hospital isolation wards after returning from recent visits to Mexico. The remaining 14 were being managed in the community, Mr Johnson said.

The Government had put in place "enhanced" port health checks to identify passengers arriving in the UK with symptoms of the illness.

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