Monday, April 27, 2009

Hood and Jackman on Wolverine: "Gavin and I talked a lot about the aesthetic and tone of it. It's a little darker, a little rawer, a little tougher and maybe a little more human."

SHOOT: I interviewed Gavin Hood on Monday last week. I have to say it was the most inspiring interview I've had to date with anyone. I have secret ambitions myself to write an Oscar winning script (or at least the story or premise on which it is based). Movies have had a profound impact on my life - my upbringing, my reference frame, what inspires me. It is an intensely visual medium - suitable for someone coming from an artistic, expressive family.

I will try to post some snippets from that interview and a movie review from the 29th of April onwards.
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"It was a huge shock for all of us when someone stole the movie,"
said director Gavin Hood, referring to last month's online leak of an unfinished work print of Wolverine. "It's like reaching out to you guys and grabbing your
(reporter's) notebooks and saying, 'I'm going to publish whatever
you've written, right now. I know you're not done, but we'll just shove
it out there and see what people think of your work.'"


Jackman took center stage, sharing a behind-the-scenes story of an adamantium malfunction that stopped filming for a while and left
another cast member bleeding.

The mishap occurred while filming a dust-up between Jackman's Wolverine and Kitsch's Gambit.

"We were in a fight scene," Jackman said, "and Taylor reeled back
quickly and someone called, 'Cut!' I looked down at my claws and there
were only two left. I looked over at Taylor and it was sticking out of
his thumb. He was just looking at it."

Those were some good memories," Taylor joked. "He stabbed me and I bled -- a lot.
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