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Everything you need to know about Swine Flu - where it started, how it's spreading, what to do if you get it.

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Swine flu: What to do if you get it or already have it
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Should I stop eating pork (pig meat?)
You can't catch swine flu by eating pork. However, demand for pork is what creates the unhealthy farming practises which causes and so global demand for pork is indirectly responsible for this disease. So eating less meat can't do any harm. Same goes for chickens (bird flu) and beef (mad cow disease). Human being in any case consume far more protein and meat than our bodies were designed to. There is enough protein in a tea spoon of tuna to meet our requirements for a week. That's how much protein we need.

How is it spreading?
It's a dangerous H1N1 virus influenza which is spreading through human transmission, asymptomatically. This means someone can pass the virus on without knowing it, and someone can be infected without knowing it. This obviously makes it possible that the virus can pass through airports without being detected by scanners.
Swine flu pattern emerges

How did it start?
It started in the unhygienic backyards of Mexico, places like La Gloria in the state of Veracruz, on farms 50 percent owned by Virginia-based Smithfield Foods, Inc., which has eight farms in the area. Yahoo: Dr. Alejandro Escobar Mesa, deputy director for the control and prevention of disease for the state of Veracruz, said the epidemic in La Gloria was a combination of viral and bacterial illnesses, caused by an unusually dry climate. "The dust dries up the mucous membranes and facilitates environmental conditions for the transmission of illnesses," Escobar said.

How many have died?
On April 24 the first statistics filtered through. 16 people had died in Mexico and 6 or 7 infections had been reported in the USA. In a very short space of time these figures doubled, then doubled again.

Current statistics are as follows:
Total deaths: 152+
Total infections: 2000+
Countries affected: Mexico, USA, United Kingdom, Israel, Hong Kong, New Zealand, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany

What to do if you get it?

1) If I have any signs of possible flu infection I will stay at home.

2) I will stay away from crowds whenever possible and always wear a mask while in public places.

3) I will cleanse my hands at the doorway when I arrive at my destination.

4) I will encourage other people to follow these rules to protect us all.

5) Will drink plenty of water. Keep your membranes (especially in your throat) well lubricated. Stay away from bacterial foods such as milk, cheese, colas, fruit juices etc. The sickness originates in very dry conditions, and symptoms including the chronic release of fluids (through vomitting and diarhea).

6) Sneeze or cough into your elbow or shirt sleeve (not into your hands).

7) Greet without touching

We were talking about pandemic flu today and came up with this concept. It is still in development. The key principle is to protect each other by being responsible. These rules should be followed by everybody in any pandemic-affected area.

Swine flu: What to do if you get it or already have it

Prevention is better than cure - how can I protect myself?

Get yourself a facemask. Stay informed. That's about it.
Interview with Pandemic Flu Expert

SHOOT: The Media in South Africa are well behind the curve. I've just listened to the SABC news and tonight aqs was the case yesterday, the data broadcast was more than a few hours old.
More: DA: South Africa's 'non-response' to swine flu worrying

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