Thursday, April 30, 2009

Australia: Swine flu suspected in every state

SHOOT: As I've said before, it's everywhere. Now it's time to respond other than by going, "Oh, will this affect me?" Clearly it will, it has, it is.
SUSPECTED cases of swine flu have spread to every state and territory in the country, with 91 people across Australia now in isolation, awaiting test results for the deadly A/H1N1 virus.

The latest federal health department figures, issued at 11am, reports the largest number of suspected infections in Queensland, at 31 cases, followed by 19 in Victoria, 14 in South Australia, 10 in New South Wales, eight in Western Australia, six in the Australian Capital Territory, two in Tasmania and one in the Northern Territory.
None of the cases has yet returned a positive swab for the disease, which is now confirmed in eight countries, including near neighbour New Zealand.
The search for 22 Australians on a flight from Los Angeles carrying up to 10 infected New Zealanders continues, as the nation enters its first full day on heightened pandemic alert status.
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