Sunday, March 29, 2009

Without a change of heart we face "doomsday scenarios"

Without a change of heart, Dr Williams warned, the world faced a number of "doomsday scenarios" including the "ultimate tragedy" of humanity gradually "choked, drowned, or starved by its own stupidity."

At York Minster he said humanity should turn away from the selfishness and greed that leads it to ignore its interdependence with the natural world.

NVDL: Personally I think the current era of selfishness is as much the lot of the Christian and the non-Christian. While Christians may justify themselves with feel-good donations, their ordinary daily demands are no different from everyone elses. In order to change the demands we make on the planet, we have to change our hearts - changing fundamental paradigms we've become habituated to (such as growth, and other entitlements including car and home based living environments.)
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God 'will not give happy ending'

God will not intervene to prevent humanity from wreaking disastrous damage to the environment, the Archbishop of Canterbury has warned.
Dr Rowan Williams

In a lecture, Dr Rowan Williams urged a "radical change of heart" to prevent runaway climate change.

The poorest and most vulnerable and our children and grandchildren would pay the heaviest price for climate change, he added.

"We need to all do what we can now, or we're giving up on this world."

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the British Humanist Association said: "The fact that god is not going to help us handle climate change will come as no surprise to many.

"But nor will the reinterpretation of ancient texts to be about stewardship rather than dominion, or indeed any faith in some non-human support.

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