Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who is above the law? [And do you care?]

They want power by any means, says Makhanya, at the expence of their own principals and ethics. - Grubstreet.co.za

NVDL: The real question is will the masses mobilise [IOW do they care enough to do anything]. I was recently falsely arrested and I have gone to the trouble to find the phone numbers and started an internal investigation. If something bothers you, complain to the right person. Evil happens when good people do nothing, so do something.
clipped from grubstreet.co.za
I find it hugely distressing that they believe themselves to be above the law and not accountable to the citizens of this country. It’s revealed in Parliament that R1-million a month of taxpayers’ money is being used to pay for security for Zuma, when he is not allowed to have it, and what happens? Nothing! The ANC hasn’t even deigned to comment on this as far as I know.
It’s leaked that Zuma’s legal team appears to be blackmailing the National Prosecuting Authority with embarrassing information about the NPA and Thabo Mbeki, leading to speculation that the NPA is going to drop the corruption and racketeeing charges against Zuma. Never mind that evidence of corruption involving Shabir Shaik and Zuma has been upheld by the Contitutional Court.
Mondli Makhanya, the Sunday Times editor, has an an interesting piece on the SACP’s deal with the devil, the shady capitalists that back Zuma. Read it here.
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