Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweden To Let Saab Sink

So there are a lot of people employed in building motor vehicles, and for that reason these industries should be propped up. I guess that makes as much sense as the number of people who work as drug smugglers, or in nuclear weapons. Keep them employed at all costs - because jobs are more important than what those jobs involve, what products are made and what impact this has on the environment...?
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TROLLHATTAN, SwedenSaab Automobile may be just another crisis-ridden car company in an industry full of them. But just as the fortunes of Flint, Mich., are permanently entangled with General Motors, so it is impossible to find anyone in this city in southwest Sweden who is not somehow connected to Saab.

Which makes it all the more wrenching that the Swedish government has responded to Saab’s desperate financial situation by saying, essentially, tough luck. Or, as the enterprise minister, Maud Olofsson, put it recently, “The Swedish state is not prepared to own car factories.”

But Sweden has a right-leaning government, elected in 2006 after a long period of Social Democratic rule, that prefers market forces to state intervention and ownership. That fact has made the workers of Trollhattan wish the old socialist model were more in evidence.

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